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Empowering anyone to build custom blockchain networks–optimized to fit all of your needs. Subnets are seamlessly interoperable with the broader Avalanche ecosystem, don’t compete with others for network resources, and can scale infinitely.

Web3 Gaming

Subnets give Web3 games complete control with their own customizable blockchain networks, without sacrificing security or decentralization. Web3 games can rapidly scale their user base, set customizable rules for their blockchain, and focus on gameplay.

Crabada Swimmer Network Subnet

The Crabada Swimmer Network Subnet is now live! Come experience faster gameplay, more looting, and a better game experience!

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DeFi Kingdoms, one of Web3's leading GameFi projects, launched its own Avalanche Subnet, with 200M+ TVL in the first month since launch.

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Regulated institutions are deploying the first blockchains engineered for institutional DeFi, with native KYC functionality and can now leverage DeFi primitives at scale and accelerate DeFi adoption.

“Avalanche Subnets enable us to create an ideal environment for institutions to migrate on-chain and experience the power of DeFi protocols first-hand as users rather than just as investors."

Stani Kulechov
Founder and CEO of Aave.

“DeFi will increasingly become the foundation of the global financial system. Subnets align perfectly with our objective of helping builders build the blue chip financial projects of the future.”

Saurabh Sharma
Partner and Head of Venture Investments at Jump Crypto.

“Avalanche’s Subnet with KYC infrastructure, will be a massive step forward for institutional adoption and we are proud to support the implementation."

Wes Cowan
Managing Director of DeFi at Valkyrie Investments.

“With Subnets, the integration of Securitize iD natively into wallets will provide regulated, direct access to all DeFi apps and remove the major regulatory roadblock to institutional adoption.”

Carlos Domingo
Co-founder and CEO of Securitize.


The Avalanche Foundation launches an incentive program focused on accelerating the adoption and growth of its novel Subnets, the premiere scaling solution for Web3 dApps.

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