Build anything you want, any way you want on the lightning fast, scalable blockchain that won’t let you down. Choosing the wrong blockchain can kill your dApp before it ever has a chance to succeed, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Launch with confidence on Avalanche.
Avg Transaction Finality Time
.79 SEC
Active Validators
Active Addresses
Total Value Locked
Annual Energy Consumption
46 US Households


Avalanche has the advanced tooling you need to accelerate from idea to launch.

Don’t miss out because it took too long to deploy on Mainnet. Take advantage of the low-code tooling and configurability that makes it easy to launch your Web3 innovation in less than 60 seconds.

“Avalanche consensus is well suited for building DeFi applications due to its scalability features, particularly its high throughput and near-instant finality.”
Stani Kulechov
Founder of AAVE
"High-speed financial applications are the norm for Web2, and for Web3 to compete and have parity with Web2, you do need a high-speed chain. Avalanche gets us closer and closer and possibly arriving at parity with the speed of Web2 systems."
sergey nazarov
Co-Founder, Chainlink Labs


Subnets set a new bar for scalability, without sacrificing speed, reliability, and security.

Users hate waiting. Scaling at the cost of performance or security is not an option. Avalanche’s novel architecture allows for a universe of independent, but interconnected, blockchains that are all validated and kept secure by dynamic subsets of validators.

"It is hugely rewarding for us to work with Avalanche, to underpin the
security of a network that will
facilitate trade across different
financial assets at speed"
Dmitry Tokarev
CEO of Copper
“The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition is built end-to-end on the blockchain, it utilizes strategies that would be impossible with regular technology. Just because it’s on-chain doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Building on Avalanche was seamless.”
Roy confino
Head of Strategy and Operations,
Lemonade Foundation


Find the answers, connections, and info you need to accelerate your Web3 aspirations.

Over the last year, tens of thousands of people came together at Avalanche events worldwide. As one of the industry’s most diverse and supportive communities, Avalanche boasts members from all walks of life, with over 18 languages supported across the 1M+ strong online community.


Technology that isn’t sustainable has no claim on the future.

When it comes to the energy required to run, no other blockchain comes close. According to the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute, Avalanche consumes the same energy as only 46 US households each year.