The top crypto games built on Avalanche.

What are Web3 Games?

As a lightning-fast smart contracts platform designed for the development and implementation of decentralized applications (dApps), Avalanche has fostered a bustling community that continues to attract many crypto enthusiasts, from DeFi pros to amateur tech hobbyists, from around the globe.

Avalanche is a more diverse ecosystem than casual observers may realize—users can do much more than merely trade cryptocurrency. Among other things, it’s also an increasingly inviting destination for gamers. Avalanche hosts a number of blockchain-based games—sometimes called NFT games or crypto games—that take advantage of the unique features of this technology to provide stimulating gaming experiences.

If you’re new to the world of blockchain gaming, it’s easy to become confused by the categories of video games that are commonly represented on these platforms. Some of the more common types of games include play-to-earn games and idle games:

Play-to-earn games - A play-to-earn game is one where the player has the opportunity to win rewards that have real-world value—i.e., outside the environment of the game itself. These rewards can take the form of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or other kinds of digital assets. Game items that the player earns in the game are tradable on general digital marketplaces, and can even be sold for standard fiat currency. Recently, the term "play and earn" has become a popular alternative term. This reflects the trend away from a mercenary approach to gaming in favor of emphasizing enjoyable gameplay and community-building activities. Crabada, for example, bills itself as a play-and-earn game.

Idle games - Also called clicker games or incremental games, these are based on simple, repetitive actions, such as the rapid clicking of a mouse button. Persistence with this basic gameplay mechanic gradually leads to various upgrades and other performance-based awards.It’s possible for a game to incorporate play-to-earn and idle game elements. Both of these game types are well represented in the growing world of AVAX gaming. Let’s explore some of the top games currently available on the Avalanche platform.

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