The 9 Most Popular NFT Projects on Avalanche 

Some of the most popular NFT projects on the Avalanche blockchain platform.

There is no question that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a respected, established part of the DeFi landscape. The driving force behind this evolution is plain to see—NFTs have shown themselves to be highly adept at accommodating a wide variety of use cases, and their potential in this respect, like most aspects of blockchain technology, seems almost limitless. Whether you’re a gamer, an art collector, a lender, or a live music fan, NFTs have a lot to offer. 

With interest in NFTs booming, now is the ideal time to become better acquainted with these digital assets and their increasingly broad range of capabilities. There are any number of entry points into this world, but one recommended pathway for expanding your knowledge is to seek out the most sought-after NFT projects, which can provide insights into current trends in the field and possible future developments. To that end, the Ava Labs team presents this overview of the nine most popular NFT projects on the Avalanche platform, as determined by total value locked (TVL).

Navy Seal Game

Taking inspiration from Wolf Game and Counter-Strike, Navy Seal Game provides a vivid example of how NFTs can enrich the gaming experience. It posits a scenario where Navy Seals must stop a TNT terrorist attack; gamers have the option of choosing either side to play. The game belongs to the relatively new "risk-to-earn" type, in which players each put up a stake prior to a competitive confrontation, with the winner taking all. Gameplay requires users to mint or purchase NFTs, each representing a particular character, which are stored on the Avalanche blockchain.


The AvaPepes NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique images all derived from the Pepe the Frog meme created by cartoonist Matt Furie in 2005. Collectors can choose from a vast array of Pepe images: Pepe wearing 3D glasses, Pepe sporting ski goggles, Pepe with a party hat, Pepe in a leather jacket, and many, many more variants. These cute memes are just some of the highly collectible non-fungible tokens that can be bought and sold on the Avalanche blockchain platform. 

Castle Crush

Castle Crush is a medieval-themed play-to-own game where players strive to smash an opponent's castle in one-on-one combat while preventing the same fate from befalling their own home base. Launched as a free iOS/Android game, it has since expanded to include a blockchain layer intended to enable players to own and easily trade their game assets. This layer allows players to deploy NFTs that can be used during gameplay to perform certain feats. Players can obtain NFTs by redeeming rewards earned during gameplay.


Taking its inspiration from Norse mythology, the Asgardian collection is made up of playable characters that can be deployed in the Gods of Asgard play-to-earn game on Avalanche. The game follows the "battle royale" model where players—up to hundreds at a time—strive to eliminate competitors and AI-enhanced characters with the goal of becoming the last person standing. Players can mint an NFT through the game’s specialized dApps, purchase one on NFTrade, or rent it on the Gods of Asgard native NFT marketplace. Various gameplay events provide additional opportunities to customize an NFT, such as by “sacrificing” a character to mint a new NFT of a higher tier.


The OG ODIN collection is among the largest and most popular NFT projects on the Avalanche blockchain, with nearly 400,000 individual pieces. These individually numbered NFTs each feature an elegantly formed crystalline object slowly rotating in the air as a row of rocks orbit around it in the opposing direction, while a vaguely futuristic mountain backdrop stands behind it in the distance. Released in December 2022, the OG ODIN collection has consistently stood near the top of the sales chart of Avalanche’s NFT ecosystem.

Pizza Game Chefs

Pizza Game is a play-to-earn Avalanche blockchain game inspired by the classic Cookie Clicker. Here, the action has been moved to a digital pizzeria that players must efficiently operate to win rewards in the form of $PIZZA, an ERC-20 token. The NFT component consists of the Pizza Chefs, NFTs that players control within the game to earn $PIZZA and, outside the game, can be traded on the major crypto exchanges. To enhance gameplay, users can also purchase special pizza-making tools and equipment that, like the Pizza Chefs, are represented in NFT form.


An NFT game native to the Avalanche blockchain, Chikn invites players to manage a digital farm with the ultimate goal of acquiring $EGG tokens that can be traded like normal cryptocurrency. Unlike standard NFTs, the ones used in Chikn have metadata that can be altered due to gameplay events, making it possible for players to “upgrade” their digital investments. There is a supply of 10,000 Chikn NFTs; some of these have sold for the equivalent of thousands of dollars.

Tiny Bones Club

The Tiny Bones Club consists of 6,666 NFTs, each with unique attributes, that are used as avatars in a digital horror-themed environment named GraveTown. In this digital world, accessible from any web browser, players can participate in quests, interact with other players, and earn rewards such as NFT collectibles.

Dragon Crypto Hero

The Dragon Crypto Hero collection provides another example of NFTs that can be used as playable characters in a blockchain-based game. In this case, Dragon Crypto Hero NFTs are designed for the medieval-themed Legend of Aurum Draconis play-and-earn RPG. Hero NFTs gain experience and in-game items as gameplay progresses, and they can be sold or transferred to another player without resetting accumulated stats.

Where to Buy Avalanche NFTs

For anyone interested in purchasing the NFTs mentioned above, the best place to start is the official marketplace of each project, or popular online marketplaces such as OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare. Before you buy, it’s a sound idea to check the whitepaper of the NFT project to understand the creators’ goals and intentions. 

Why Avalanche Is a Popular Choice for NFT Projects

With its low gas fees, high transaction throughput, and extremely scalable infrastructure, the Avalanche smart contracts platform provides NFT creators with a powerful set of tools for designing, launching, and maintaining their projects. Whether their goal is to power a roleplaying game or provide collectors with attractively designed memes, creators can find in Avalanche the supportive ecosystem they need.

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