Apply for an Avalanche-X Grant, and Fund Your Moonshot.

Avalanche-X is Avalanche’s accelerator for developers building decentralized applications like lending, derivatives, stablecoins, getting funding for community work, and things not yet imagined.

Developers have access to the best of Avalanche–the developer community, resources, and grants–to ensure maximum impact of your decentralized applications.

Submit a General Proposal

Submit a General Proposal

Avalanche will only be as strong as the community building on top of it. We want to learn about your project!

1- Submit your application below. Anything goes!

2 - If we need to reach you, we'll set up a quick call.

3 - Get approved, and start building.

Need Ideas? Explore Open Grants

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Sometimes a little direction helps. Here are key opportunities open for innovation on Avalanche:

Decentralized Exchange

Build a secure, easy-to-use decentralized exchange on Avalanche. Think Uniswap, 0x, and more.


Build a safe, non-custodial lending solution on Avalanche. Think Compound or Aave.

Join the Avalanche Developer Community

Avalanche’s developer community spans all across the globe. Share your ideas, and build without limits.

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